Angularjs tutorial for beginners step by step

AngularJS2 tutorial

AngularJS2 is an open source JavaScript library maintained by Google to help single page applications run.
AngularJS2 is an upgraded version of Angular 1.x, performance has been significantly improved, can be a good support for Web development components.
AngularJS2 was released in September 2016 and is based on ES6.

Learn the basics needed for this tutorial

Before you learn this tutorial, you need to have a basic front-end foundation: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. In addition you also need to understand NPM and TypeScript.

Angular2.x differs from Angular1.x

The difference between Angular2.x and Angular1.x is similar to Java and JavaScript, or the difference between Lei Feng and Lei Fengta, so we need to be ready to relearn a language when learning Angular2.x.

Operating conditions!

Because the current environment (browser or Node) does not support ES6 code, so some shim and polyfill (IE need) to ES6 write code can be converted to ES5 form and can run properly in the browser.
From the above figure we can see in the Es5 browser need the following module loader:
  • Systemjs - generic module loader, support for AMD, CommonJS, ES6 and other formats JS module load.
  • Es6-module-loader - ES6 module loader, systemjs will automatically load this module.
  • Traceur - ES6 transcoder, convert the ES6 code to the ES5 code supported by the current browser, and systemjs will automatically load the module.

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