A trendy pen drive for carrying data in style

Either you work or study, you would need a pen drive for you to share or transfer required data effortlessly. For this, if you have to buy a pen drive then why not getting it in style? We offer various types of pen drives to you to make your data-carrying more interesting. You can get visiting card shaped pen drive from us that looks like a visiting card made of metal. The name of yours can be engraved on its body. This way, you can make your personal pen drive even more personal. If you want to use it as a gift item, you can gift it to your dears with their names engraved on it.

Visiting card shaped pen drive

Just like visiting card pen drive, we offer credit card shaped pen drive too. As by the name it is clear that it looks like a credit card. It is made of a plastic material on which you can imprint any design or photo just by uploading it to our website. You can get this pen drive in various storage capacities like 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, etc. Such wide option allows you to get the exact capacity you want for your personal use. Another benefit of this pen drive is, you can keep it in your wallet too with zero efforts. This way, you can keep your important data always with you.

HP pen drive

We provide branded pen drives like HP, Sony, Moserbaer, iBall, etc. If you buy HP pen drive 16 GB or 32 GB that are adequate for you, you can save a huge amount. We offer the same warranty as the company provides. And all products are genuine, you can rely on quality. HP pen drives come with the metal body; you can engrave your name or anything you want on its body. Irrespective of your location, we can deliver it in time. If you want us to deliver it as a gift item to the place of the recipient, we can deliver it in a designer gift wrap too.

Visiting card shaped pen drive

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