SEO Strategies for 2017 target Next Generation

Today, we will discuss about SEO Strategies for future. Google update algorithms for better search result.
1. Next Generation in Mobile: Today, Most user prefer search instead of desktop and people leave website if it is not mobile friendly.
So keep your website mobile friendly because 40% audience comes from mobile.    

2. Voice search is Future: top company work to improve voice search quality and provide better result.
Voice search is the growing day by day, According to Principal Engineer at Google Zurich. 55% of teens and 41% of adults use voice search on a daily basis.

Voice Search Optimization Tips:
1.    Focus on Long Tail Keywords
2.    Provide Context with Schema Markup
3.    Optimize Your Site’s Microdata
4.    Add Pages That Answer FAQs
5.    Do Keyword Research on Conversational Queries

3. Website loading time: Everyone has not high speed Internet connection and people use mobile devices with slow speed, so if your website takes time to loading you lost such type of your audience.
 Improve your page loading time and optimize your site whch will easily accessible to every user. Test site speed on different device and different network.

Page speed insights:
4. Make your website Mobile Friendly:  Google first index mobile friendly website and provide different tool to optimize mobile website.

Mobile-friendly approach
Responsive web design
Dynamic content
Separate URLs (mobile site)
Mobile optimization
1.    Dont use Flash
2.    Viewport not configured
3.    Fixed-width viewport
4.    Content not sized to viewport
5.    Small font size
6.    Touch elements too close
7.    Interstitial usage
Mobile optimization resources:
5. Content is Always King:  Content is always king, so write interesting and quality of content.

6. Social Media Presence: social media is a medium where you can always connect with your audience. It is quick engagement method so always connect with your audience.

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What are the advanced SEO techniques and strategies you are using in 2017?


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