How to Host website on Blogger

Google provide free webhosting services to blogger. Here you can create your blog with BlogSpot subdomain. You can also host custom domain in blogger, so here you get complete step by step detail to host your domain name on blogger.

Set up your domain with your blog

1.    Purchase a domain from GoDaddy, its simply process just search your domain name, GoDaddy suggest different site extension with according to your search query. 

2.    Sign in your godaddy account and go to All Domain as shown on Below Screen

3.    After click on all domain you get list of domain. Next Click on particular Domain( and click Manage Connection.

4.    Now Click DNS ZONE Files and Now Click Add Record

5.    In Add Record select CNAME (Alias) Form drop down menu and fill the details as shown in the image and click “Finish”.

The details to use are :

Record Type : CNAME

Host : www

Points to :

TTL : 1 hour

6.    Now Click Save Changes

Now you Done in GoDaddy.

Now Set up your domain with your blogspot Blog

1.      Sign in to Blogger.

2.      Select the blog to update.

3.      In the left menu, click Settings > Basic > Publishing.

4.      Under your current domain, click Setup a third party URL for your blog.

5.      Enter your URL, including the www.

6.      Click Save.

7.    When you click save you get an error messages As Shown in Image.

8.    It means blogger wants us to create a new CNAME in GoDaddy to verify ownership of Blogger,

9.    Create a New Record in Godaddy and Put the value shown in blogger error message

10. . Click Finish and Save Changes once again. Now go back to Blogger and click on the “Save” button once again. This time the verification error should go away.

Now You Blogger should appear in new domain.

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